About Me

Hello Ya’ll!

My name is Zach Kozar, and you may know me as Ultimate Doge or previously as Masterzach32. I am currently a senior in high school, and I live in Virginia. I am looking to apply to MIT, Notre Dame, Virginia Tech, Ohio University, and a few others to study Mechanical and/or Aerospace Engineering. My favorite hobbies are walking my dog, hanging out with friends, snowboarding, paint-balling, and programming.

I started learning how to program back in middle school, when I taught myself JavaScript and Shell. I eventually learned Java when I started making Minecraft mods, and my programming expertise has just grown from there. I’m on the FRC Team 401 here in Virginia, where I am head programmer and chassis design, and this past 2016 season we made it to the world championships in St. Louis, MO.

Most of these projects on my website and GitHub are made during my free time, and definitely are not perfect. If you want to help contribute, you can donate to my PayPal, or if you want to improve my code, make a pull request!