SwagBot Patreon Page

Hello Everyone! I’ve created a Patreon page for SwagBot, and I would really appreciate it if you checked it out. I don’t ask anyone to pay for SwagBot’s functionality, so my only way of earning money to support its development are donations. Please note that all money pledged and/or donated is used for the development of SwagBot only! […]

SwagBot is here!

SwagBot is a music and moderation bot for Discord. I originally made it for my Discord server, but I decided to host the bot myself and allow other servers to use it. If you want to learn more about SwagBot, you can read the documentation here. Add SwagBot to your server here.

Pineapple Mod 1.4!

Its been forever since the last update, and thats because this is the biggest release since the creation of the mod! Here are the changes! + New rendering engine for pineapples! They are no longer the size of normal blocks! Godly Pineapple Blocks! New Pineapple Shrine! Find them around your world! Godly Pineapple Staff rework! Now […]

[UPDATED AGAIN] Pineapple Mod 1.3.2 is here!

Just got another release for you guys, fixed the crash, and lucky you because you got the new pineapples too! Changes in this update: + Added new Pineapples! ( They snuck through in this update 🙂 ) * Fixed startup crash * Other bug fixes and code improvements ================= Well its about time for an […]

Website Update!

Well, as you can probably notice, has been updated with a more modern look! Take a look around the new site, give me your feedback, and please, write a comment below if you find a bug. (I know this already but the tabs on the mod/modpack pages are having some errors, I will get […]

Pineapple Mod 1.3

New update here! See whats new below! Changes in 1.3: Added Pineapple Pie Added Uncooked Pineapple Pie Added Pie Dough Due to the much larger amounts of pineapples in the desert, the amount of Pineapples found in a cluster has been reduced by about 25% Lots more code cleanup and bug fixes Go download the latest […]

Pineapple Mod Updated! [Minecraft Forge 1.7.2]

[UPDATE] Pineapple Mod 1.2.2 has been released to fix some critical bugs and make pineapples easier to find in deserts 🙂 The Pineapple Mod has finally updated! Version 1.2 adds support for Minecraft 1.7.2, adds the god pineapple tier, and lots of bug fixes! Change-Log: Updated to Minecraft 1.7.2 Added god tier Pineapple, Pineapple Tools, Pineapple […]

A New Era of Explosives Craft is Here!

Its been a long time since the last Explosives Craft update came about, so its time to release the news of some upcoming changes! To start, Explosives Craft will be partnering with JACGaming to create an official server for Explosives Craft! They will help with making the pack more stable and easy to use by everyone. […]

Explosives Craft 2.1b for 1.6.2

Finally! Technic has updated their launcher to 1.6! so here I give you EC2 2.1b   This adds support for 1.6.4, and includes the following changes: Added lots of mods from iChun Added Galacticraft Planets Added Buildcraft Added Not Enough Explosives Removed Millionaire Removed Optifine You may be missing a lot of other mods, that […]

Website User Reset

Due to the spam on the forums, i have deleted all user accounts to prevent more spam. If you want to register again, please put your name in the name box. I don’t care if it is fake, as long as you fill in that box your account wont be deleted. Thanks for understanding, Masterzach32

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