All of these Technic modpacks have been discontinued, but are still available to download and play.

Explosivescraft Classic:

This modpack has mods like More Explosives, Flans mod, Too Much TNT, and alot more!!

Latest version:

Explosives Craft 2:


This is the new Explosives Craft.

Latest version: 2.0.3


Factorycraft Logo

Factorycraft is Basically tekkitlite with less mods.

Lastest version:

  • Sky

    Can you add thumcraft in this modpack

  • jasper

    hi there, could you please make a modpack with both the zeppelin and explosives craft in one. that would b awesome
    cheers jasper

  • henrylompa

    i love your minecraft mod im henrylompa my minecraft user name

  • Sk8erclone25

    Hey zach! love this website! let me know when you put up a server for explosivescraft!


    This is my new website! Please check it out and give me some feedback. Also my email can be found on that website so please email me about that modpack i wanted to put together. Please and thanks! šŸ˜€