Explosivescraft Classic

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Explosivescraft is a modpack where i take voltz and add explosives mods such as More Explosives, Too Much Tnt, and Flans Mod. The pack also includes Optifine for those with slow computers.

  • Zach

    what happened to all the explosives there once was!?!? Whenever i know play, the only “explosive” there is, IS the vanilla tnt

    • They were accidently removed last update, they should go out in the next update. Please notify me if it slips away again

  • shs

    needs quary and 1.6.4

  • shs

    needs server add the energy condencer

    • Tooldemon

      How do I update Explo. Craft classic to 1.7.4 I cant join the server

  • add explosives plus!

  • Dexy

    is there a server for explosives craft? and i cant go to the website on explosives craft 2 can you please tell me why? i would really like to make a server for this

    • Yes, but it is temporarily unavailable. If you need any info on Explosives Craft 2 go to the EC2 site on this website

  • MitchellTheAwesome

    your modpack is nice but it is one of the few that actually have all of flans vehicles and weapons and I want a modpack with just those for pvp but I am horrible at modding I also want it as my own modpack

    so could you help me possibly I would be very grateful and I would give you full access to the servers and special status when I implement status systems for donators and VIPs

    (btw I am wanting to run multiplayer servers with it)

    • MitchellTheAwesome

      I was thinking for mod change of explosives craft classic would be removal of toomuchTNT, moreexplosives, treecapacitator, assemblyline, ICBM, all the stuff to do with universal electricity, IC2, fluidmechanics, modularforcefeilds, railcraft

      and maybe add in redpower

      this is just a rough estimate and I don’t expect this to be final


    • Thanks, I would be willing to help! Just contact me at web32@masterzach32.net it’s not that hard to make a modpack but if you need help just ask me on that email

  • Bman003

    do you have a multiplayer sver if you dont you should host one.

  • Harris

    Add FLANS GUN MOD since than it would be the best

  • C0rrupt

    can you please take out the too many tnt mod, in survival you can craft 1 dirt block into tntX500 and it is not fair D:

    • Really? i didnt know that! its probably a bug

  • Austinpowers1299

    Could you add shapeshifter because that is a mod that would suit this modpack well and i really wanna play that mod.

    Why can’t i get in my survival world?

    • i dont know, i fixed that bug. i will look at shapeshifter

  • Tomkilz

    I bet you I could try and make the server files.

  • Lt. Pickle

    And Balkans weapons could be nice too. Just saying

    • masterzach

      It’s already in Explosivescraft, unless your talking about Explosivescraft 2.0

  • Lt. Pickle

    Traincraft is good enough. And we are looking into an series this week.

  • Lt. Pickle

    Hey you should add like traincraft, and some extra block mods

    • masterzach

      What extra blocks, and I will look at traincraft

  • Lt. Pickle

    How long would it take would you suppose

    • masterzach

      I can’t work on it this week, but I will try to get it out Wednesday or Thursday of next week. Can’t guarantee that.

  • Lt. Pickle

    Ok then shoot me a message when you get them.

    • masterzach

      I will be sure to do that.

  • Lt. Pickle

    Hey caould we get server files for this me and friends wanna do a series on this mod. Private server.

    • masterzach

      I would love to see this series, but I dont have the server files ready. Every time I try to make a server for this it crashes

      • MitchellTheAwesome

        open world to LAN works so you could probably go into that code and do something with that.

        plus it is always possible to open to LAN and portforward it or use hamachi