I am currently working on learning the basics of java and the forge modding environment. If any of you have experience modding, I could really use your help!!

Here are my current mods:

[tabs tab1=”Pineapple Mod” tab2=”NEE” tab3=”Plasmatic Mod”]


The Pineapple Mod

The Pineapple Mod adds pineapples to the game.

[button color=”red” url=”” size=”medium”]Pineapple Mod site[/button]

Current Version: 1.2



Not Enough Explosives

Not Enough Explosives adds more explosives to minecraft.

[button color=”red” url=”” size=”medium”]Not Enough Explosives site[/button]

Release Date: TBA

Current Version:



Plasmatic Mod

The Plasmatic Mod adds Magnesium, Plasma, and much more to minecraft.

Made by Billistac KAOS, with help from Masterzach32 and BLST Billistac

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